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Film with Pride forms part of LCR Pride Foundation’s year-round programme of social and cultural events. Showcasing the very best of LGBT+ cinema from around the world, we collaborate to ensure the best in new and classic LGBT+ cinema can be seen across the Liverpool City Region and create chances to view films in a friendly, social setting.

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Film with Pride works with supporters and like-minded partners, including Picturehouse at FACT and the Unison North West LGBT Group. All of our films are selected by a group of Film with Pride volunteers.

We work to curate a truly diverse and exciting programme that will provoke debate and entertain in equal measure. Our team is also at every screening, so you can come and talk to us about the films you’ve seen and those that you would like to see as part of our programme.

Film with Pride is also about more than just film. We’re committed to working together to create an inclusive community of LGBT+ film lovers and to elevate and celebrate voices rarely heard in mainstream cinema.

If you love film as much as we do, you can get involved by emailing [email protected].

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Take a look at what our community has to say:

#FilmFridays 7th August: Today I Am
This #FilmFriday sees Film With Pride screening short interviews with four young transgender and non-binary people, produced by Thinking Film ...
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#FilmFridays 31st July: Art Activist and The T for Together
This #FilmFriday we are throwing back to two fantastic films made in collaboration with the city region’s LGBT+ community by ...
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RECAP: Shawafa
“She realises the desires which are tormenting her are pleasurable and part of who she is.” It’s the day that ...
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“The kind of film you would want to give a hug to.” During last night’s screening of Sidney & Friends, ...
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#FilmFridays 24th July: Shawafa
This week the fantastic Shawafa will be shared from the Film with Pride Facebook Page from 5pm on Friday 24th ...
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#FilmFridays 17th July: Sidney & Friends
This week, as we celebrate the theme of identity, we will be showing the feature-length film and winner of 13 ...
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RECAP: Factory Talk
“When you don't feel like you belong with the ‘straights’ or the ‘gays’, where do you belong?” Told through the ...
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#FilmFridays 3rd July: Love or Hate & UK Black Pride
This week’s #FilmFriday will look at Ukraine’s 2019 Pride march as well as UK Black Pride here in the UK ...
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RECAP: The Long Ride
“The story had so much to offer about selfishness and entitlement” Last night’s screening of The Long Ride depicted a ...
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RECAP: Kelly
“Kelly shows a family struggle to feel complete” A film that speaks to both the LGBT+ community and anyone with ...
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RECAP: Home Visit
“The making of Home Visit represented for me a process of catharsis” For director Annamaria Craparotta, the three-minute autobiographical, reflexive ...
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RECAP: Better
 “a conversation starter rather than any form of answer” Better explores the complex relationship between a mum and her young ...
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RECAP: 1 Year 
Did you catch last week’s #FilmFriday screening of 1 Year, which shared a milestone in Michael Causer Foundation Trustee, Ben ...
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#FILMFRIDAYS 26TH JUNE: Kelly, The Long Ride and Home Visit 
Have we got a treat for you this #FilmFriday - not one, not two, but THREE fantastic short films for ...
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#FILMFRIDAYS 19TH JUNE: 1 Year and Better
As LCR Pride Foundation celebrates LGBT+ youth in our community and the services that support them, Film with Pride’s #FilmFriday ...
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Film With Pride Opens For Submissions for New Season
Following the success of its online #FilmFriday programme, Film with Pride has opened submissions for a new season of online ...
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RECAP: Lifeline
"I wanted to explore the consequences of what it means to lock things away within yourself.” Lifeline tells the story ...
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RECAP: Cwch Deilen (Leaf Boat)
Did you catch last week’s #FilmFriday screening of Cwch Deilen (Leaf Boat), a bewitching 2D animation, in Welsh with English ...
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Unison North West LGBT+ Signs As Sponsor
Following three successful weeks of Film With Pride’s online #FilmFridays, we speak to UNISON North West LGBT+ about their support ...
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“Stories from underrepresented groups are the stories I want to tell.”
Following the screening of Pick A Side: Lesbian or Black we caught up with its creator Sychelle-Kristina Yanda about the ...
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