Terms & Conditions of Trade

Last updated: Wed 11 March 2020

As a trader/concession at an LCR Pride Foundation event you assume all risks of participation. Including and not limited to any risks that arise on your part, that may be caused by staff/volunteers associated with you or infrastructure owned/rented by you.

By applying for a concession at one of our events you accept that you, staff/volunteers on your behalf and any infrastructure, products and/or ingredients used are fit for use/attendance and that your knowledge of this adequately complies with the relevant advice, health & safety guidance and and laws that are appropriate, or you can provide external advice as such.

Further to this all traders/concessions agree/accept:

  • Indemnify the LCR Pride Foundation and any of it’s agents against any activity that you, ‘the trader/concession’, will carry out.
  • Acknowledge that agents, contractors or suppliers the LCR Pride Foundation are not responsible for any errors, conflicts, omissions, acts or failures to act and that they are not representative of the organisation or this agreement with yourselves,
  • That you will in no way affiliate LCR Pride Foundation or any of its trading names with your product or service provided. This includes use of logos.
  • That you have all relevant and current insurances, liability and/or allergen information and food hygiene certificates to cover all products/ingredients and activity AND that these will be provided to the LCR Pride Foundation no less than 10 days in advance of the event taking place. Failure to do so will result in default cancellation of the booking.


  • You acknowledge the active trading times for your pitch, during which your concession must be ready and equipped to serve the public at all times.
  • You acknowledge there will be strict access times for set-up/de-rig of the site and understand failure to attend during these times may result in delay in your entry/exit from the site or being turned away. There are no vehicular movements allowed on site during the event.
  • You agree to provide your own complete stall, infrastructure (if not previously agreed or rented) and take full responsibility for health and safety aspects of this. Including but not limited to erecting and dismantling, transportation, adequate weighting and wind loading, staffing and waste management. The final call on this being satesfactory will be with the event manager (who will contact you prior) and failure to satisfy requests for evidence of this will result in default cancellation of the booking.
  • You agree that you will provide your own, adequate and  safe, water source (be that for hand washing or food preparation) from your own source off-site. You will not expect to source this from the event management or venues nearby.
  • You will not arrange deliveries to the event site without an authorised representative being present to accept these and prior arrangement of this. There is no storage for deliveries and any made to site will be at your own risk. 
  • You agree that all waste (including waste water and oil) are to be removed from the site. Should waste be left on site, poured down drains or be disposed of in public event bins this will be chargeable to cover the cost of removal or cleansing.
  • Unfortunately as a charity ourselves we are unable to allow money/direct debit collections for others on site, data collection is permitted however.
  • You will be provided with a site plan of the boundaries of your site location and a member of the team will point these out. This will also include any roaming space. This must be kept to, staff roaming/trading off the pitch may incur a further charge and any claims from other traders.


  • You acknowledge and agree that your concession, staff/volunteers and products will be photographed in the course of their usual duties and these images/videos may be used by the LCR Pride Foundation for any legitimate purpose, including marketing.
  • You will provide a logo, promotional images and trading name where available for the promotion of your involvement in the event by LCR Pride Foundation.


  • The LCR Pride Foundation operates payment terms on due receipt of invoice.
  • VAT is applicable to all concession and power costs at the usual rate.
  • Payment must be made no later than 10 days before attendance to site (or earlier with invoice terms). Non-payment will result in you being turned away from site and the debt will stand and be forwarded to the next stage of debt collection.
  • You accept that if you choose to cancel (or not attend without cancellation) that a (proportion of the) fee will still be chargeable and will be pursued by the LCR Pride Foundation as per the below policy.
  • If due to operational issues the pitch/location must be changed from that which is initially offered, LCR Pride Foundation will first offer a replacement pitch of equal or greater value, if this is not acceptable to you a full refund will be given.
  • In the unlikely event that the LCR Pride Foundation must cancel/postpone the event then a full refund will be offered and explanation will be given. If postponed the offer to maintain the booking will also be offered and will be honoured with the same terms. The reason for the cancellation/postponement will be made clear and details of insurance provided if applicable.
  • LCR Pride Foundation reserves the right to pass on any outstanding debt to a third party agency to be pursued if they feel that all attempts at obtaining payment have been exhausted.
  • You agree that once you have accepted the offer of the pitch that a proportion of the fee is still payable if cancelled on these terms:
    More than 90 days before the event (bef Apr 26th) 0% payable
    90 days before the event (Apr 26th) 25% payable
    60 days before the event (May 26th) 50% payable
    30 days before the event (June 25th) 100% payable
  • In line with the cancellation of the site, if payment has already been made a £10 administration charge will be placed for any refunds that are required.


  • You accept that failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in the concession being refused permission to trade/attend the event and such may incur a cost as per the above cancellation policy or administration fee.
  • Failure to supply satisfactory health and safety documentation before attendance to site will result in the booking being cancelled.