Application, Offer and Approval Process for Traders

Last updated: Wed 11 March 2020

LCR Pride Foundation would like to encourage a transparent and proactive approach to trading at our events. To help illustrate this we have set out the processes below:

Application Process

  • All traders are expected to complete the application process at where they are asked to confirm the crucial elements, restricted products and agree to the terms and conditions of booking with us.
  • LCR Pride Foundation maintains that the Terms and Conditions of Trade listed on this website apply to the trader from the point of submission and the foundation from the acceptance of the booking (by email).
  • A receipt email is sent automatically when a submission is sent, this is to acknowledge the submission only. The booking is not confirmed until an acceptance email is sent (see below).

Offer Stage

  • Once an application is received by LCR Pride Foundation, a member of the team will review this and ensure that all the information that is required to check availability has been provided. If not they will request this before the application is progressed.
  • Using the information provided a member of the team will then check available spaces on the event site. This will also include checking that concessions with the same restricted products/services are not in the nearby location (subject to the product/service).
  • Whilst we will often follow a first-come, first-served basis on most pitches, the LCR Pride Foundation reserves the right to ‘hold’ spaces or particular types of product/service to allow more submissions where it is felt the offer could be more diverse.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be able to trade at the event.
  • Once considered, if successful (and usually within 3 working days) the LCR Pride Foundation will then contact you via email to formalise an offer of a space on site. This offer will usually be valid for 7 working days before the space is opened out to other traders.
  • Once you have responded and accepted the offer the LCR Pride Foundation deems the terms and conditions, including cancellation procedure, to be binding.


  • Once an offer has been made, the event manager (or delegated concessions manager) will contact you and request additional safety, contact and/or event specific information. Please provide this in a timely fashion.
  • Should the documentation not meet the required standard (or not be provided) then you will be advised of this as soon as possible and given the chance to rectify this within a reasonable timescale (usually 14 days, unless the below point applies). If this is not done to the satisfaction of the event manager the booking will be cancelled. 
  • If all satisfactory documentation has not been provided within 10 days of the event date the LCR Pride Foundation reserves the right to cancel the booking and uphold the cancellation policy.


  • The LCR Pride Foundation operates payment terms on due receipt of invoice.


The LCR Pride Foundation are committed to fair and transparent working. We hope that you will never need to file a complaint or dispute with us.

We always encourage any trader/partner to raise their concerns immediately with a member of event management or concessions staff to be logged within the event log – this allows us to have a time stamp of when something became an issue. Complaints in retrospect are much harder to quantify and resolve.

Any complaint or dispute should be sent in writing to [email protected] 

  • When received the email will be copied to appointed members of the charity trustee board for transparency. 
  • The complaint will initially be handled by the Interim CEO, but may be passed on to an appropriate member of the team subject to the claim.
  • All complaints/disputes are handled with complete confidentiality and we expect the same from anyone who would submit them to help reach a suitable conclusion within the quickest time.

If your complaint or dispute relates to:

  • A member of event staff, contractor or volunteer – please state this as your complaint will be escalated to a member of the team who is not connected to that person/contractor.
  • Another trader – Please provide as much detail about the trader, their company/name and location on site so we can identify them as well as an account of their actions.
  • Trading Conditions or Sales – please provide evidence of these including sales figures, reads or projections. Complaints related to weather (or it’s effect on footfall) will not be considered and you should contact your own insurer to see if you are covered.
  • Cancellation or Postponement of the event – This is covered in the Terms & Conditions of booking and LCR Pride Foundation will do all they can to support you should the unlikely event of cancellation/postponement happen.