International Pronouns Day 2020

International Pronouns Day takes place on the third Wednesday of October each year and is a day that seeks to make respecting, sharing, and educating about personal pronouns commonplace. This year, on 21st October 2020, LCR Pride Foundation will once again be supporting the awareness day.

For trans, non binary and gender nonconforming people, being referred to by the wrong pronouns can have a significant and sometimes devastating effect, as their identity is ignored, devalued and even erased.

We believe that recognising and using a person’s preferred pronouns is a basic human right, which is why LCR Pride Foundation supports International Pronouns Day and uses it to encourage others to learn about pronouns, challenge stigma and discrimination and to normalise the use of chosen personal pronouns in private and social settings and workplaces across the Liverpool City Region.

Join us in making pronouns the norm.

If your organisation is going to take part (or maybe already supports the use of pronouns!) you can sign up below so we can feature you on this page and social media.



International Pronouns Day has been a globally celebrated date for many years, with lots of resources online, including the official International Pronouns Day page here.

Locally, in 2019, Liverpool-based activist Imogen Christie (she/her), of Liverpool Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV), organised a campaign for International Pronouns Day. Around 20 organisations across the city region participated in working groups and utilised slides and badges in their workplaces to allow people to clearly and openly communicate their preferred pronouns.

How can I get involved?

This year, you too can get involved, by exploring our resources below, learning more about the importance of pronouns and sharing your knowledge with others. You can take the first important steps to respecting and normalising pronouns by following the guides, downloading and printing off our pronouns slides for your workplace or even to use home.


The links below might be helpful to share with friends and colleagues to help them understand the importance of pronouns and supporting their use.

Organisations pledging support for International Pronouns Day 2020

Thank you to those organisations in the Liverpool City Region who are already taking steps to normalise the use of personal pronouns and have pledged to do so beyond International Pronouns Day 2020:

If you would like to add your organisation to the list please complete the form on this page or click here.