International Pronouns Day 2021

International Pronouns Day takes place on the third Wednesday of October each year and is a day that seeks to make respecting, sharing, and educating about pronouns commonplace. This year, we will once again be marking the day on the 20th October and also join with our friends at National Museums Liverpool for a special event on Saturday 23rd.

For trans, non binary and gender nonconforming people, being referred to by the wrong pronouns can have a significant and sometimes devastating effect, as their identity is ignored, devalued and even erased.

We believe that recognising and using a person’s preferred pronouns is a basic human right, which is why LCR Pride Foundation supports International Pronouns Day and uses it to encourage others to learn about pronouns, challenge stigma and discrimination and to normalise the use of chosen personal pronouns in private and social settings and workplaces across the Liverpool City Region.

International Pronouns Day 2021 Event

We will be joining with National Museums Liverpool for a special event at Museum of Liverpool  on Saturday 23rd October, 1-4pm.

The event will be an opportunity to reflect, celebrate gender identities and  look to the future and Liverpool TDOV next year.

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The links below might be helpful to share with friends and colleagues to help them understand the importance of pronouns and supporting their use.

This resource is made possible thanks to funding for our ‘From Now On’ Activism Project from: