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We’re really pleased your group is interested in taking part in this year’s MarchONline.

The registration link below will ask you for some important details about your group. Once you have provided these, we’ll send you everything you need to make your submission and get your friends, colleagues and customers involved!

You’ll receive a confirmation as soon as you submit the form and we’re currently responding to registrations in within 24 hours.

MarchONline is organised by LCR Pride Foundation, the Liverpool City Region’s LGBT+ charity. If you’re a commercial organisation or national charity we do ask for a suggested donation of £250 towards our charity’s vital work in the region.

Please make sure you have read and understand the terms & conditions below before submitting your registration. Submissions that do not meet these cannot be shown.

For further information please contact [email protected]

MarchONline Submission T&Cs

To take part in our online March, groups and individual submissions must follow these simple terms & conditions – this helps us make sure that the video is as accessible as possible and that we can legally screen it.

LCR Pride Foundation reserves the right to edit, crop or remove any submitted footage that does not meet these terms & conditions.

  • When you submit, you will be required to sign a release that allows LCR Pride Foundation to use all or part of the submission as part of the MarchONline stream, the marketing and publicity of it as well as any online archives of this.
  • You understand that once the march submissions have closed (midnight 14th July) that it may not be possible to remove you from the stream, any publicity materials or third party sites after this date.
  • Should not contain content that you do not own or don’t have permission to share – such as other people’s video clips, film, images or sound. If in doubt please check.
  • Please don’t overlay your submission with text.
  • Only the group spokesperson videos will play sound. Individual submissions will be muted, so please keep this in mind when recording your submission.
  • We cannot guarantee the position of your image/video in the stream, or on screen, so we don’t advise creating content that relies on this without checking first.
  • Submissions cannot contain strong language, nudity, promote excessive drinking, smoking or drugs (including legal highs). They also cannot negatively target another organisations, group or individuals in a way that could be deemed as offensive, disrespectful or impact on their property or rights.
  • LCR Pride Foundation reserves the right to not stream any submissions that if feels (or is in doubt if they) do not meet these terms and conditions, break any laws (including copyright) or do not align with the ethos and values of our charity.
  • Any individuals under the age of 16 that are taking part in the March must have the permission of a parent/guardian, or be in contact with their youth group for advice if this is not possible.

All files and personal information are stored in accordance to LCR Pride Foundation’s privacy policy and all applicable UK data protection regulations. 

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