Film with Pride Launches Dirty Thoughts Season

Film with Pride launches its 2019 programme with Dirty Thoughts, a season of films presented by active members of the LGBT community who will share the films they credit as their sexual awakening as a young queer person.

Co-ordinated by Caitlin Whittle, each film screening will be followed by an opportunity for the audience and panelists to enter an open discussion about the sort of media that helps to shape LGBT+ identities during the self discovery of their childhood and teenage years.

Our panelists include Liverpool artist and musician, Esme Grace Brown, singer and performer, Zena “Zee” Davine, performance artist, Kevin Le Grand and performer Gez Mez.

Joan Burnett, Programmer for Film with Pride , said: “Our panelists’ film choices, diverse backgrounds and personal experiences are set to provoke plenty of lively discussion during our Dirty Thoughts season.

“Our film nights are open to everyone and also provide a place for a diverse range of LGBT+ people to share experiences and relate to one another through a shared interest in film – we can’t wait to kick off the 2019 programme this month.”

John Bird, Co-Chair of LCR Pride Foundation added: “The Dirty Thoughts season explores queer identities and how they are formed. It is set to be a thought provoking start to our 2019 programme, linking perfectly to this year’s theme Come As You Are, which is centred on identity and what it means to LGBT+ in the city region and across the globe.

Dirty Thoughts is just the start of our exciting 2019 theatre programme, with more carefully curated cinema planned for the rest of the year.”

Image created by Zena “Zee” Davine

Film with Pride : Dirty Thoughts

3 July 2020, 5:00pm - 11:59pm
Director: Damien Swaby

A documentary showcasing UK Black Pride, originally screened at Pride in 2017 and at TATE Liverpool in 2018.

Director – Damien Swaby

3 July 2020, 5:00pm - 11:59pm
Director: Jordy Walker

Running time: 8 minutes approx

In Ukraine, LGBT+ community rights are slowly progressing and attitudes are gradually becoming more accepting by the government and the general consensus. A 2017 poll found that 56% of Ukrainians believed that gay and bisexual individuals should have equal rights, this was a remarkable shift in opinion from the 28% in 2010. in 2016, it was made possible for gay and transgender people to donate blood. The LGBT+ community receives a strong backlash from far-right groups and the orthodox church. Previous Pride marches had to be cancelled for fear of their safety and majority of the marches result in violent attacks against the community. In 2019, the pride march saw its biggest turn out to date, this film is what prevailed.

Director – Jordy Walker

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