Pride in Liverpool is delivered by LCR Pride Foundation and hundreds of dedicated and hardworking volunteers.

Together, we work tirelessly to keep our festival free for EVERYONE. We do this because members of the LGBT+ community still face so many challenges and stigmas, from kissing their loved ones in public or coming out to their friends, colleagues and family, to just being able to walk down the street without fear.

Pride in Liverpool seeks to remove those challenges and stigmas and this it year invites all to ‘come as you are’.

BUT we can only keep our festival free with YOUR support.

We are eternally grateful to all donors and those who fundraise for us throughout the year. If you too want to keep Pride in Liverpool free, please donate today.


When you donate to the LCR Pride Foundation you join thousands of other supporters in building a better, safer and more equitable world for LGBT+ people and their families


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