LTF 2022: Top Picks

The Liverpool Theatre Festival returns from Wednesday 31st August – Sunday 11th September with drama, drag, cabaret, comedy, opera, musical theatre and family shows, across 12 days of diverse, inclusive live entertainment.

You can explore the full programme here, but here are our top picks!

I Wish My Life Were A Musical 

(Age 12+)

Direct from its second season at the Edinburgh Fringe, and boasting a West End Wilma Award, three further award nominations and over 20 five-star reviews, this sparkling musical revue reveals everything that you could possibly want to know about being a musical theatre performer… if only there were any who would dare to admit it. Featuring an illustrious cast of West End regulars, this unique show comedically covers the journey from wide-eyed drama school graduate right through to brattish diva, or past-it chorus member, or bitter has-been (or “never-was”), lifting the lid on awful auditions, debilitating dance routines, mid-performance mishaps, and backstage backstabbing – plus those magical moments that make it all seem worthwhile.


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Stop The World, We’re Getting Off (Age 14+)

Join us for a night of sex, smash, and saving the planet as we welcome you to Clapham South tube station – home to the last five survivors of the climate crisis. Ava and Cayden are having a baby, but with the oxygen dwindling, can they come together and stabilise their living situation, or will someone pay the ultimate price? With the group still rocked from the tragedies of their past, the fate of the world is left up to a grieving climate scientist, a sly politician, a socialite-turned-student, and two young lovers. It’s the end of the world as we know it – and it might be just what we need. Tenderfoot Theatre are a young, queer, and female-led eco-theatre company based in Lancashire and Liverpool. Combining climate activism with dynamic storytelling, they use a range of creative practices to ensure their productions tell sustainable stories using sustainable methods.


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Dame Fanny & The Starlets (Age 6+)

Come out, come out, wherever you are, and meet some great drag queens that have not come that far! The new ‘Fab Four’, will be high heeling it to the Bombed-Out Church this September to bring to the LTF an event for all lovers of drag, and of all ages. Come join your hair-larious hostess and Liverpool lass, Dame Fanny De Faux, the magnificent Mystique, beautiful Brooke Spears and incredible Iva Bouquet for a fabulous 90 mins of dragtastic music, dance, comedy, games and general gorgeousness. Anything goes at Dame Fanny shows, and if a younger audience member has a special skill they’d love to share, then this will be the perfect opportunity in the Talent Show section of the afternoon. They should feel free to blow their trumpet, twerk it out on the dance floor, lip sync to their heart’s content or do whatever it is they do best! During this fun-filled family event, we will also be choosing a member of the audience to be beautifully transformed, before taking to their throne and being crowned Queen for a Day!


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Drag Me To Church (Age 18+)

The only drag show that guarantees – if you don’t have fun – to fully refund your dull life back to you! Following pantie wetting hilarity in 2021 and a mini tour for 2022 of Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham, the aka Keller Kweens are high heeling it back to the Bombed-Out Church this September and will bringing with them their truly unique dragstravaganza of a night. Hosted once more by the darling divinity Dame Fanny De Faux and joined by the heavenly sensational The Starlets. Come join the magnificent Mystique, beautifully blessed Brooke Spears and the incredible Iva Bouquet for a lashtastic evening of sinfully shameless shenanigans, live performance, games, giveaways, high jinks and gratuitous gorgeousness!! They’ll also be a chance for audience members, when Fanny insists they volunteer to take to the stage to compete in a lip sync challenge. One poor unfortunate will also be chosen to be beautifully transformed, before they take to their throne to be crowned Queen for a Night!


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Julie Madly Deeply (Age 8+)

Adored by millions, Dame Julie Andrews is a genuine showbiz icon. This charming yet cheeky cabaret takes a look at fame and fandom through the eyes and voice of award-winning performer Sarah-Louise Young (Fascinating Aida, An Evening Without Kate Bush).

Julie’s songs from musicals including Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady are intertwined with stories and anecdotes about Andrews’ life, from her beginnings as a child star to the challenges of losing her famous singing voice. What emerges is a delightfully funny and candid love letter to a true show business survivor. Sarah-Louise is joined on piano by long-term collaborator Michael Roulston (Fascinating Aida, The Now Show).


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