STATEMENT: Government Conversion Therapy Ban Excluding Trans People

Yesterday (31st March), news broke of a a leaked Downing Street briefing paper – seen by ITV news – referring to the proposed plans to ban ‘conversion therapy’, which said that the Prime Minister had “agreed we should not move forward with legislation” to outlaw the practice.
Since this story broke, the Government has since u-turned on the information contained in this briefing sheet, in the face of significant backlash from LGBT+ organisations, individuals and their allies and survivors of conversion practices.
However, despite insisting that the proposed ban will progress and be included in the Queen’s Speech next month, it has also revealed that the ban will only cover lesbian, gay and bisexual people – not Trans people.
Speaking of the news Lewis Collins, Chair of LCR Pride Foundation’s Board of Directors, said: “We are furious to hear that the upcoming legislation will not include Trans people. Any ban on conversion practices that does not include the Trans, Intersex and Non-Binary community is not a real ban.
“Conversion practices are inhumane, unethical and for decades have caused untold harm and trauma to the LGBT+ community in the UK. Once again we have been let down by a Government that is clearly not on our side – none of us more so than our Trans, Intersex and Non-Binary siblings.
“That this news broke on March 31st, the International Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV) is either complete ignorance that confirms this Government’s lack of care and concern for Trans people, or a deliberate attempt to change the narrative of the day. There is no LGBT+ without the T and any ban on conversion practices must include Trans people, who as well as facing discrimination and conversion practices regarding their gender identity, may also identify as LGB.

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