LCR Pride Foundation response to EHRC Statements

Last week the EHRC made statements in response to the proposed ban on conversion therapy in England and Wales, and the Gender Recognition Act reform in Scotland. Both statements call for further delays to legislation that the LGBT+ community has already been waiting too long for.

LCR Pride Foundation believes that these statements constitute an attack on trans rights and on the human rights of all LGBT+ people in the UK.

Following an open consultation on International Pronouns Day in October 2021, we have this weekend been working with members of the Liverpool City Region’s Trans and Non-Binary Communities to support thier plans for Liverpool Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV) 2022. Listening to our community’s voice is not only important, it is essential if we are going to create a Liverpool City Region and country where all LGBT+ people can thrive.

That’s why we are disappointed and angered that the Government, those it commissions and those meant to hold it to account, are once again not listening to us.

The response from the EHRC is not only blinkered to what we as an LGBT+ community have told them, time and again, but it is also dangerous to the many people failed when it comes to our collective fight for equality, in particular the Trans and Non-Binary members of our community.

  • We continue to demand a full ban on conversion practices in all forms – it is not a ban if there are exemptions,
  • We continue to demand that the GRA is reformed to make the process of self-identification easier, less intrusive and more dignified for Trans and Non-Binary people,
  • We continue to demand investment in healthcare for Trans and Non-Binary people, especially at a local level.

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