How to: Support a Protest from Home

In our ‘Keeping Yourself Safe at Protests’ feature, we explained how choosing whether to protest or not is a personal decision. 

There are lots of reasons why someone may choose not to protest. These reasons can range from illness or living with someone at high risk of COVID, to personal commitments or just not wanting to go to a protest alone. These decisions and personal circumstances are absolutely fine and should be respected.

Protesting is NOT the only way you can show support. You can do plenty from your own home.

Use Your Platform

If you are on social media, share information about the protest so others see it – share and retweet away. You can even let friends and family know via email or by sending a message.

Get Creative

Have a message you’d like to share? Create your own placards and banners at home and share photos on social media while the protest is going on. Look out for hashtags and accounts following the march. You can also use art to raise awareness and provoke conversations – from paintings, drawings and poetry to journalism, film and photography.

Write To Your Local Councillor, MP or the Police and Crime Commissioner

If you feel passionate about things changing in the Liverpool City Region you can use your voice to contact those that represent you and the city.

Local Councillors in Liverpool:
Your local MP:
Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner:

Sign Petitions

Regularly look for relevant petitions on sites like, and Avaaz – sign, share and support where you can.

Educate, Respect and Challenge

Support LGBT+ people and victims of Hate Crime by respecting the stories of others and calling out hate or any other form of abuse. Educate people about the importance of reporting hate crime, access to support for victims of Hate Crime and challenge hate speech or negative behaviour where you find it. This might mean standing up against, or reporting, comments on social media, or educating those around you that don’t understand why it is an issue.

Protests are just one way to help. If we all do what we are able to, we can make a difference.


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