Census 2021 Countdown: A step in the right direction

There is just under one month to go until Census 2021 on 21st March. For the first time ever it will include two new, voluntary questions that could have a significant impact on delivering an accurate picture of the size and make-up of the LGBT+ community in the UK.

The two new questions are on sexual orientation and gender identity and new and inclusive gudiance on how to answer the sex question within the Census will also be provided. 

Speaking about Census 2021 and the new questions, LCR Pride Foundation CEO, Andi Herring said: “This is a huge step in the right direction and a fantastic opportunity for accurate and up-to-date information on the LGBT+ community to be gathered. This data will better inform policymakers, service providers and researchers, who will be able to use this information to create services and policies that meet the real needs of LGBT+ people.

“To ensure that the very best data is available, it is vital that all LGBT+ people fill in the Census on 21st March 2021. LCR Pride Foundation will be providing information and resources that will encourage the city region’s to get involved and ensure they feel confident in participating.”

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming “Chat With” Steve Stewart, Census Engagement Manager for South East Liverpool.

Image Credit: Census 2021


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