Guide: Respecting and Normalising Pronouns

International Pronoun’s Day is on 20th October this year, which is a day which aims to make respecting, sharing, and educating about personal pronouns commonplace.

Whilst the day shines important visibility on the importance of pronouns, there are simple things that we can all do in our every-day lives that will make a huge difference to those who are too often mis-gendered or have the wrong pronouns used.

Here’s our tips about how you can support your friends or colleagues:

  • Introduce yourself by your name and pronoun to normalise the use of pronouns
  • If you’re not sure of someone’s pronouns, ask them
  • If you accidentally misgender someone, apologise and continue using their correct pronoun
  • Don’t use gendered language when speaking to groups, for example, you can replace “Ladies and Gentlemen” with “Everyone”
  • Put your pronouns on your email signature, social media profiles and business cards

If you are an organisation wanting to encourage your team members to support or implement pronouns check out our International Pronouns Day resource page here.

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