#FilmFridays 10th July: Factory Talk & Coming Out

This week’s screening brings film and the art of spoken word poetry together for a unique storytelling experience. Factory Talk will and Coming Out will be streamed from the Film with Pride Facebook Page from 5pm on Friday 10th July until midnight.

On Saturday 11th July, we’ll also be sharing our discussions with the film’s creator, over on the LCR Pride Foundation news pages.

Factory Talk

Running time: 5 minutes approx

Factory Talk is an intergenerational conversation about identity, sexuality and masculinity in a rural factory. Through the clanging of metal they make small talk, but as the gripes and grumbles testify to better times, the questions rising on the factory floor are of more than just nostalgia.

Directors – Lucie Rachel & Chrissie Hyde
Producer – Lucie Rachel
Poem & Performance – 1990sChris
Lead Actor – Nick Finegan
Supporting Actor – Darryl Bradford
Director of Photography – Julia Brown
Editor – Ania Urbanowska
Composition & Sound Design – Connor MacDonald
Colourist – Beth Woodruff
Camera Assistant – Ben Thompson
Sound Recordist – Connor Clark
Production Assistant – Jessica Brain
Supported by – Art With Impact

Coming Out

In the middle of lockdown due to COVID-19. A budding romance is explored through an exchange of gifts and notes. During very uncertain times one thing can be certain, we are living in a time of the unknown. Blaine finds himself stuck in the same routine day in and day out. He count’s down the days until lockdown is finally eased. It seems like it will never end. The television is tuned in to the depressing news of how many people have died that day. He can’t shake this overwhelming sense of hopelessness, when a visit from an unknown neighbour peaks a new interest.

Directed by: Kai Jolley

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