RECAP: The Long Ride

“The story had so much to offer about selfishness and entitlement”

Last night’s screening of The Long Ride depicted a fake break-up turned real. We spoke to director, Sarah Passos, about how the film evolved.

“When Samy [Souissi] approached me with the script for The Long Ride, it was initially a funny film of a fake breakup turned real,” says Sarah. “As our conversations about the script flourished, I felt this story had so much to offer about selfishness and entitlement, about disconnection and struggle and the more we developed it, the more excited I was to bring it to life.”

“I am proud to have developed a project that seeks to encourage conversation and awareness about living and having relationships being HIV-positive,” says Sarah. “Whilst having at its heart a story about a loving couple who have encountered a hurdle they will not be able to overcome.”


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