#FilmFridays 3rd July: Love or Hate & UK Black Pride

This week’s #FilmFriday will look at Ukraine’s 2019 Pride march as well as UK Black Pride here in the UK. The films will be streamed from the Film with Pride Facebook Page from 5pm on Friday 3rd July until midnight on the same day.

On Saturday 4th July, we’ll also be sharing our discussions with the films creators, over on the LCR Pride Foundation news pages.

Love or Hate (PG)

Running time: 8 minutes approx

In Ukraine, LGBT+ community rights are slowly progressing and attitudes are gradually becoming more accepting by the government and the general consensus. A 2017 poll found that 56% of Ukrainians believed that gay and bisexual individuals should have equal rights, this was a remarkable shift in opinion from the 28% in 2010. in 2016, it was made possible for gay and transgender people to donate blood. The LGBT+ community receives a strong backlash from far-right groups and the orthodox church. Previous Pride marches had to be cancelled for fear of their safety and majority of the marches result in violent attacks against the community. In 2019, the pride march saw its biggest turn out to date, this film is what prevailed.

Director – Jordy Walker

UK Black Pride

A documentary showcasing UK Black Pride, originally screened at Pride in 2017 and at TATE Liverpool in 2018.

Director – Damien Swaby

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