RECAP: The Wedding Car: “This little car became a character” 

In The Wedding Car we witnessed a deep discussion between two friends sitting in a broken down vehicle on the way to see one of them married. We ask writer Catherine Kerr-Phillips, about the inspiration behind the unusual setting to this ultimately uplifting short film. 

“This film was inspired when I used to visit the Gower every weekend, driving through sleepy little villages and backwaters,” explains Catherine. “One day, I drove past a little old battered Peugeot 205 decked out in wedding ribbons. In the car were two men and it got me wondering about their relationship. Was this the groom and his brother? The groom and his best friend? Or could it be groom and groom?”

In the original story, Catherine transformed that battered Peugeot 205 into an integral part of Rob’s story: “I love Peugeot 205’s and in my head this little car became a character, determined to help it’s owner avoid a miserable marriage and admit his true feelings,” says Catherine. “When the car breaks down on a country lane which provokes a deep discussion between Rob and Barry, and leads Rob to admit that he’s only marrying Becky because that’s what the community expects.”

Unfortunately because of filming practicalities and constraints, a Peugeot 205 didn’t afford the cast and crew the space needed to bring the story to life, but this did not hold the team back.

“The car had to be bigger but I feel that Gareth, the Director and Leon, the Producer, managed to keep the essence of the story,” Catherine explains. “Also, Becky was originally written as being a deeply unpleasant character who goes on a homophobic tirade in the church, provoking Rob to say: ‘We came here for a wedding today. But I’m not marrying you’ and then propose to Barry, who accepts and they walk down to the aisle, to the crescendo of cheers and encouragement of the community.

“It was very important to me to portray the community as being supportive, because this is what Rob had been afraid of: rejection.”

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