Q&A: What is the Community Panel?  

The LCR Pride Foundation’s Community Panel is open for applications and it’s looking for LGBT+ champions and allies to help make the Liverpool City Region the UK’s most LGBT+ friendly in the UK.

Not sure what the Community Panel does? We had a chat with LCR Pride Foundation Co-Founder and Interim CEO, AndI Herring, who explained what it was all about and why the organisation needs people like YOU.

So Andi, what is the Community Panel and where did the idea come from?

“The Community Panel is an independent consultation group made up of members of the Liverpool City Region’s LGBT+ community and its allies. When we established the foundation we recognised the diversity of our community and the challenges faced by different groups to be heard within it.

“We also wanted to make sure that we were representing and connecting the views of those communities, and not speaking for them. Through the Community Panel, we also want to ensure openness and transparency in the work we do – from what we’re doing as a foundation to ideas and work done by our partners across the Liverpool City Region”

What are Community Panel members expected to do?

“Panel members are responsible for giving the part of the community they represent a voice to LCR Pride Foundation and our partners, as well as ensuring we are effectively communicating with and listening to them. They will attend quarterly meetings, where panel members will share news, information and concerns, as well as hearing about the foundation’s plans for the following quarter. Our Community Panel members will also often be consulted by us and our partners on new ideas and projects.”

Can anyone be a Community Panel member?

“Yes, as long as they are a member of the community they wish to represent and can demonstrate how they are connected to their community, beyond social media and social circles. This may mean having participated in or supported events or groups championing that community, formally representing that community in work or campaigning for issues that matter to it.

“Panel members also need to commit to regularly engaging with the community they represent, attending quarterly meetings and working as a team where multiple ‘Community Champions’ may come forward.

“While we don’t prescribe how much time this is and the total time commitment will vary during the year, members should expect to spend no more than 10 hours a month fulfilling their roles.” 

Is the Community Panel a paid role?

“No, the Community Panel is completely voluntary. Due to the COVID19 Crisis the meetings are also virtual.”

What positions are available on the Community Panel?

“The Community Panel comprises a number of positions that can change over time. You can find the full list of initial positions in this document.”

I can’t see the community I wish to represent in the current list of positions, why?

“The Community Panel will grow and develop over time to represent our community. Just because your community is not yet included in the list does not mean it will not be. If you wish to represent a community that you can’t see on our list, please do get in touch.”

Can allies be Community Panel members?

“Yes, allies are a valued part of our community and can be appointed as panel members if they can sufficiently demonstrate their engagement wIth the LGBT+ community.”

How can I apply and when is the deadline?

“Applications for the Community Panel are now open. You can find our information pack and further information over on our website. There is no set deadline as we anticipate seats to be filled as the work we do expands.

Where a seat may already be filled, we encourage you to get in touch if you can help expand the community engagement we already have.

If you are appointed, how long will you be a Community Panel member?

“We usually ask that you are a member of the panel for at least 12 months, but we are happy to work with individuals to see what works best for them.”

If you would like to find out more or register your interest simply email info@lcrpride.co.uk with your name, details of the community you would like to represent and details of any relevant activities and experience.

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